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A sitespecific art project during 2 years which resulted in a full length performance including new choreography for professional dancers in cooperation with amateaurs, new composed and performed music and film.

The project aimed to, in an industrial area, through cultural activities broaden and implement contemporary art and widen the audience for it. Working with retired industrial workers in workshops during a year, the artists in the project established a good contact with this industrial small town and succeded in create an atmosphere where the participants shared their memories and  experiences, both literally and physically. These experiences was the ground in the creative process where artist and the participants together worked to develop the final performance.

This was the first  time this kind of art project had been realised in this town and the first time for many hundreds of people to see such a performance.

Visualize the Invisible, 01.06-2013-31.12.2014
In the project Visualize the Invisible organisations in Sweden and Balkan implemented participatory art projects in Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and Sweden. The artists used different art forms (video, installations, performance and dance) in co-operation with people in residential areas, roma communities, in social institutions (prisons, schools and care institutions) and reached a wider discussion about arts impact for a societal change.

All participants were a part of a mutual artistic creative process, both the artists and the people they are interacting with. An important aspect in the project was to widen the art-market in the specific area and make it visible in a European context. The artists shared their experiences with each other through workshops in Balkan and finally in an international exhibition and book release in Sweden. The outline was to examine arts role in the society, to give artistic tools, concept and theories and to build interdisciplinary and international networks.

Art Agent was the project leader for VTI partly funded by EU, Helena Byström –OUT was the project manager and Anna Källblad-OUT the financial Coordinater.


In the project COMPOZ participants jointly create an interactive art installation with sound, movement and text. The material is installed in Audiorama, an acoustic purpose built room/theatre/concert space, intended for sound art in all its forms. As a visitor in the installation, you can explore the room and through your own movements activate the fragments of participants gathered materials to create your own sound effects and musical composition. The project COMPOZ initiated by Audiorama, owned by Musik Centre East and is a collaboration that also includes Kapellet, choreographer Anna Källblad/OUT and Medis5 . The project is developed together with people with intellectual disabilities with the support of the Heritage Fund.


The use of art where it´s hard to talk, 16.09.2013-15.09.2014
The action is collaborative project of the Association of Artists Cultural Centre Media Artes from Ohrid and Refraction association from Tirana, together with its partner Art Centre Boshnjaku. The action, which duration is 12 months, is implemented in Ohrid and Struga municipalities in MK and Korca, Pogradec and Diber municipalities in Albania.

H Byström and A Källblad are both engaged by C.C. Media Artes as experts-trainers in participatory arts with vulnerable groups, in the framework of the “The use of art where is hard to talk-Exchanges between artists working  in social field”


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